Help your child overcome excessive gaming.

Learn to break through to your child and build healthier habits for gaming and beyond.

Our Approach

Our program is led by Dr. Alok Kanojia, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and the world expert in video game psychiatry. After working with thousands of gamers, he created the best evidence-based psychiatric approach for regaining control from video games.

This program is best for parents of gamers 13 and up.

Don't wait to get the help you need.

Start regaining control from video games with your child, not against them.


Over 8 million families in the US struggle with excessive gaming.

You’re not alone. Families everywhere face excessive gaming habits, and it’s only getting harder with COVID keeping everyone indoors.


Learn how to tackle what's going on beneath the surface

Each week, Dr. Kanojia leads a 1-hour workshop followed by 30-minute Q&A. You'll learn essential skills for creating healthy gaming habits:

  • Managing your child’s expectations
  • Setting and enforcing fair, effective boundaries
  • Dealing with resistance from your child
  • Approaching your child’s psychology based on their stage in adolescence
  • Adapting your approach for autism, ADHD, mood disorders, or substance use

Connect with other parents to troubleshoot strategies


Join other parents in a weekly support group led by a Healthy Gamer Coach trained and supervised by Dr. K. You’ll discuss workshop topics and develop strategies together in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Healthy Gamer support groups are known for being wildly 

12 Weeks of Workshops + Support Groups

Our Mission

Healthy Gamer is on a mission to change the face of mental health. As we get more connected through the internet, we’re facing unprecedented mental health challenges that traditional therapy and psychiatry fail to meet. Our goal is to deliver accessible, inclusive, and affordable resources to the internet generation that needs a way forward.

Healthy Gamer Coaching is an evidence-based solution that gets results. We’ve worked with over 2,500 clients in 2020 alone, who rate their sessions 4.7 out of 5 on average. Our clients see:

47% decrease in depression

45% decrease in anxiety

25% increase in sense of control

32% increase in sense of life purpose


Limited spots!

Learn Live From Dr. Alok Kanojia

Most gamers call me Dr. K. I've worked with thousands of gamers to find balance with gaming and real life.

I'm also a gamer myself. In fact, my gaming almost caused me to fail out of college. Now I'm faculty at Harvard Medical School, and I specialize in addiction psychiatry. I've also worked with thousands of gamers (including pro gamers) over the past 5 years. I founded Healthy Gamer as the best evidence-based psychiatric approach to balance gaming and real life. In the Family Support Program, you get years of professional experience put to work in an actionable program any family can use.

Limited spots!

What The Experts Say

“This is a fantastic resource! Alok is a compelling speaker, and I love the way he frames the need for parents to appreciate the importance of the child's experience as a gamer from the get go! I found myself already borrowing some of his words in a session with parents of one of my pre-adolescent clients today when the topic of video games came up.”

John N.

Dr. Sagar Vijapura

“It is refreshing to see that we finally have a tool for parents of children struggling with video game addiction. Healthy Gamer is an affordable way to address this behavioral addiction during the crucial developmental years of adolescence."

Dr. Meena Parekh

"Healthy Gamer, with its step-by-step treatment plan, will prove to be a powerful and effective resource in the years to come. I urge all parents - as well as my colleagues treating children and adolescents - to preview this program. It will be an enjoyable ride, I promise."