Be a part of our pilot program. Join a group of students (HiPo) or professionals (HiPe) led by a Healthy Gamer Coach trained by Dr. K. 

If the group you want is full, please do not join the other group type. We will be launching more groups in the future!

HiPo and HiPe Specialty Group Coaching Program - PILOT

Get to the 

next stage in life.

Group Coaching gets results.

Groups build momentum for your life. They give people the courage and motivation to take the next steps. We deal with the psychology and emotions behind problems that are common to our generation such as:

  • Lack of life purpose
  • Struggling with motivation
  • Making an impact on the world
  • Loneliness & Alienation

For 90 minutes a week over 16 weeks, you'll meet with a support group of people like you. We use an evidence-based approach that measures negative emotions and life purpose. 

Our clients that go through the program feel a:

32% improvement in life purpose

25% improvement in sense of control

45% improvement in feelings of anxiety

47% improvement in feelings of depression

Overcome High Potential (HiPo) mental health problems:

Fight procrastination to build the life you want. Figure out how motivation works and build momentum for your success. 

Feel connected. Your group will become intimate. Our coaches teach how to build deep connections.

Life Purpose
Orient yourself to a challenge that is in line with who you are. Figure out the existential questions: who are you? Why are you here?

Self-Esteem & Confidence
We all have expectations that we may not be living up to. Overcome confidence issues that are holding you back.

You're high potential because you are always trying to be more. Figure out balance between good enough and perfect.

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Your situation isn't as unique as you think. People feel disconnected or alienated from co-workers. We'll help you find your people.

Solve High Performance (HiPe) mental health problems:

Work life can be boring. Figure out what drives you as a person. We'll figure out what challenges you intellectually and aligns with you.

Groups are a place to explore blockages to new pursuits. They will help you find the courage to make risky, but fulfilling life decisions.

Be supported through the ups and downs. If you feel like you're at your wit's end, get emotional support from groups.

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Build on a path you already made, or decide on a new one. We'll figure out what brings you happiness in life given your circumstances.

Two different groups for

two kinds of people.

Who is High Potential (HiPo)?

  • Age: 18-24
  • Occupation: Student
  • Motivation: Feels like they "should" do a lot more. 
  • Relationships: Doesn't fit in or waiting to "click" with other students.
  • Deals with the problems below...
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Who is High Performance (HiPe?)

  • AgeGenerally older (24+)
  • Occupation: Professional/Worker
  • Motivation: Burnt out, rethinking their career a bit.
  • Relationships: Thinks their coworkers aren't "their people". Feels alienated.
  • Deals with the problems below...
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Why Group Coaching?

Healthy Gamer Coaching works with a variety of problems unique to high-potential and high-performance individuals. You'll get through them in a group led by a Healthy Gamer Coach trained by Dr. K to build the life you want.

Go in with people that "Get it".

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For Students (18-24):

For Professionals (24+):